Directed Energy

Directed Energy

Invisible. Undetectable. Efficient. Directed Energy systems focus a high-power laser on a precise aimpoint, acquiring targets over land, air and sea and eliminating threats within seconds.

Legacy of Expertise

Boeing's Directed Energy expertise extends from the High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator – a laser system that has tracked and destroyed mortar rounds and unmanned aerial vehicles – to Compact Laser Weapon Systems that can stand alone or pair with weapon platforms on vehicles or ships. Directed Energy systems – powered by a vehicle's or vessel's diesel fuel supply or on-board power – deny and defeat threats with precision. With a low cost per shot and an infinite magazine, Directed Energy systems are effective over land, air and sea.


HEL MD Destroys Mortars Midflight

Quick Facts

Boeing's expertise in Directed Energy goes back more than 40 years. The company has developed technologies in:

  • Beam control and scalable beam directors
  • Lethal and non-lethal weapons
  • Acquisition, tracking and pointing
  • Space surveillance
  • Relay systems
  • Sensors
  • Real-time processing
  • Electro-optical sources

The High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator can be emplaced and operated by two people. A Compact Laser Weapon System can be transported and operated by a single warfighter.